Today is not my day... this time weird output problems...

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Posted by Bob A on June 11, 2013 at 12:48:10: Uploaded files: 1

Had a file which was something like 752 (the old magic number) with a 32 byte key

had to add a bunch of data elements so made it 1000 and included another field in the key to make it 34 bytes

deleted the file in the TEST system, re-created it, changed the file INClude, re-compiled and tried to test the changes... seems like everything "went pear-shaped"

what happened was somewhat startling:

1) even though the key was expanded to 34 bytes, and the file was deleted, re-created and cleared.... the key seems to be truncated at 32 bytes (old key) but has 2 bytes of @20@ at the end
2) for debugging, I write out the same data format twice... once as the keyed file, and then immediately after that, I write out a "flat" text file... but the results are different... ??? I can display the three trailing data elements on (0) and get the same info that's on the "flat" text file... however, the data seems to be different on the keyed (1000/34) file (e.g. something that is $20.00 appears that way on the console and the "flat" text file... in the Keyed file it's $0.00... very strange! I'm racking my (feeble) brain to figure out how the same FORMAT can give 2 results...

I didn't know if the larger size record has anything to do with anything, so I tried to make it an extended key resident in the first 34 bytes..this didn't make anything appreciably different.

when I can get the changes to the compiler, my next plan is to re-compile the program as C/32 and see if it's any better.

For the record, my compilation was under C/16 (MTB) and i've tested it as both C/16 and C/32.


Bob "A"

P.S. to set the record straight.. I'm not trying to lay blame anywhere... I found out only today that very long data variable names can adversely affect things... but I cannot at this time even begin to form an opinion about why this might possibly be happening... and after about 4 hours need some help.. diagnostic and otherwise!

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