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Posted by Tom Fulton on August 03, 2013 at 11:42:27: Uploaded files: 3

What's the hardest program to debug? A program with no bugs in it. At an end-user I want to build a second pdf attachment that is going onto a pdf email printer-generated email. So I put the code in, build the file and do a (Document = ... ) mnemonic. My email fails because the file is not found when it hits the (Attachment = ) mnemonic. That's strange, I'm doing everything correctly but no file results. So I debugged for an hour or two and finally decided to use a quick & dirty program to test. It is attached. I run the program and get a pdf file on my rel directory. I install the same program at the end-user & run it, no file is generated. I get my COSC box open at my site and at the end-user site, those copies are attached. I put a string of xxxxxx's at the bottom of COSC to show where it ended from startup. I put a C: drive install of current Comet, rel and utl on the end user VM and ran the program, same results and no file built. I ran the program on the server using Comet32, same results and no file built. The only difference left is that the end-user is running 11.4 services and I'm on 12.0 Why does (Document = ) fail at my end-user?

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