questions about the -^INP generalised data Input routine (GOSUB 8000)

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Posted by Bob A on September 11, 2013 at 06:04:24: Uploaded files: 2

I have not used this in over 4 years of IB coding... although it does appear in legacy code, and only now have reason to look at it. I found 2 INClude files, one which edits the date and one which does not.

my question is about the lines for processing alphabetic input, which takes one to 8050:

8050 Z$=SUB(Z$+Z6$,1,R) & GOTO 8080
which cascades down to
8080 Z1$=SUB(STR(Z8+100000000000),13-R,R)

8080 seems to be for left filling numeric items with zeros and I con't see how this contributes. I am suspicious that there are, perhaps, miscoded/recoded/missing GOTOs that are in error... dunno.

can anyone verify that these two modules in fact match what they have on their system?

I fear that some barbarians have trampled thru some of this code just before I took over in 2009 and surely wouldn't have had the sense to "leave well enough alone"


Bob "A"

P.S. any "cheat sheet" about how to use this would be most welcome also... there seem to be multiple options that go to the same place and I'm trying to "sort it out"

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