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Posted by Robert G Laurin on February 10, 2014 at 07:43:22:

Because of a 4GB file crash last week, I had to re-create a data file as an ExtendedKeyFile. Unlucky-me this must have been the only file in the whole system where the key was not integrally at position zero. It had part of the key as a reverse sort date.

After re-creating the file and fixing the programs affected I performed a mass-compile (I always have a command file ready for this).

However, this time around I had some Comet32 specific programs (more tables, longer variables and end-less buffers).

Obviously I had to pull my now C32 specific sources out of the Compile command file and create a new C32 specific Compile command file.

While running the compile I would fix the few programs that did not recompile properly and Compile them manually until the whole system was properly compiled and up to date.

I do this every time I modify some usefiles and expand some records (most file have buffers but I sometimes run out).

I did some of this remotely from home. I had to VNC to the customer's site to do the dot-IBS changes and did most of the work thru CometAnywhere.

However, everytime I need to compile a Comet32 program, I had to shutdown & start a different version of Comet.

So, I was wondering... Since the C32 compiler (and probably C16 IB) are Executables and not really Comet programs, is it possible to perform a C32 compile while running Comet 16 ? I'm pretty sure we've been told the opposite can't work, but would this be possible?

While performing a migration from nearly extinct Windows XP x32 to Windows 7 x64 (barf on Win 8) we will have to maintain backward/forward compatibility... I am not quite ready to compile everything in C32 yet (mainly because of the missing Sort Gateway - good riddance).

So is there a cheat somewhere ?

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