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Posted by Grant Foraker on November 11, 2016 at 06:17:19:

In Reply to: Re: docmgr posted by jeffrey harding on November 10, 2016 at 15:09:26:

Paste didn't work. Just the PRINTERS section should be enough. Or just attach the INI to your next post. Here's a sample from my developer Comet installation.


Printer = LP1,W ,N, ,\\SSASD20\HP LaserJet 4 Plus,,;
Printer = LP2,W ,N, ,HP OfficeJet V40xi,,;
Printer = LP3,W ,N, ,pdfFactory Pro,ViewDoc,;
Printer = LP4,W ,N, ,pdfFactory Pro,ViewDoc,;
Printer = LP5,W ,N, ,#,,;
Printer = L11,W ,N, ,?,,;
Printer = LPF,W ,N, ,\\SSASD20\Fax,,;
Printer = LPC,W ,N, ,\\SSASD20\HP LaserJet 4 Plus,PFORM,;
Printer = LPR,W ,N, ,\\SSASD20\HP LaserJet 4 Plus:RAW,,;
Printer = LPS,W ,N, ,\\SSASD20\CED_Source,,;
Printer = L99,L, N, ,C:\COMET\OUTPUT.TXT,,;
;--------------- SPECIAL PRINTERS ------------------------------
Printer = LPH,H, N, ,HTM,HTMLPTR,;
Printer = LPT,X, N, ,TXT,EXTPTR,;
Printer = LPP,P ,N, ,Comet PDF,ViewDoc,;
;--------------- ARCHIVE PRINTERS ------------------------------
Printer = LAA,P ,X,SPL:SPA ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAB,P ,X,SPL:SPB ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAC,P ,X,SPL:SPC ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAD,P ,X,SPL:SPD ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAE,P ,X,SPL:SPE ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAF,P ,X,SPL:SPF ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAG,P ,X,SPL:SPG ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAH,P ,X,SPL:SPH ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAI,P ,X,SPL:SPI ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAJ,P ,X,SPL:SPJ ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAK,P ,X,SPL:SPK ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAL,P ,X,SPL:SPL ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAM,P ,X,SPL:SPM ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAN,P ,X,SPL:PO-BUYR,COMET-DocMgr,,;
Printer = LAO,P ,X,SPL:PO-A/P,COMET-DocMgr,,;
Printer = LAP,P ,X,SPL:PO-RCVSD,COMET-DocMgr,,;
Printer = LAQ,P ,X,SPL:S17 ,COMET-DocMgr,,;
Printer = LAR,P ,X,SPL:S18 ,COMET-DocMgr,,;
Printer = LAS,P ,X,SPL:S19 ,COMET-DocMgr,,;
Printer = LAT,P ,X,SPL:PO-RCVBR,COMET-DocMgr,,;
Printer = LAU,P ,X,SPL:PO-RCVPH,COMET-DocMgr,,;
Printer = LAV,P ,X,SPL:PO-RCVEV,COMET-DocMgr,,;
Printer = LAW,P ,X,SPL:SPW ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAX,P ,X,SPL:SPX ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAY,P ,X,SPL:SPY ,Comet PDF,,;
Printer = LAZ,P ,X,SPL:SPZ ,Comet PDF,,;


;--------------- EMAIL PRINTERS --------------------------------
Printer = LEP,P ,N,,Comet PDF,EmailPtr;
Printer = LEH,H ,N,,HTM,EmailPtr;
Printer = LET,X ,N,,TXT,EmailPtr;

;--------------- FAX PRINTERS ----------------------------------
Printer = LTF,X ,N,,TXT,FaxPtr;

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