CONTINUE jumps to address 0000

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Posted by Robert G Laurin on May 15, 2017 at 14:01:42:

I have a program that when compiled using Comet32 jumps to address 0000 when a CONTINUE is encountered.

When compiled in Comet16 it works perfectly.

It loops through a lot of data and whenever it encounters a 'CONTINUE' it starts the program over. It was ENTERed, so it still has the COMMONs to run with no user prompt.

Wiki says Continue works ONLY with For/Next & Do/Loop...

The end result is a "Gosub Stack Overflow"

Here is the code structure:


For X = 1 to Words

If Word$(X) GE '0' And Word$(X) < '9Z' ! is a Number

Select Case LookFor

Case 'Unit'
- some code -
Continue ! Next !!

Case 'Civic'
- some code -

... more CASEs ...



... more IF/EndIf .... ! These are skipped by the Continue

Next X ! Get Next Word$(X)


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