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Posted by Grant Foraker on November 14, 2018 at 11:13:31:

Do we have a best practices policy for printers???

Forever, I've been setting up printers as shared - \\server01\L14_INVOICES

The above printer is set up on server01 as an IP printer. If the printer is off-line for any reason, the print jobs stack up in the print spooler on the server. Nice. Generally, I don't install L14_INVOICES on any of the workstations. Comet sends the print jobs to the share and they print. Very nice.

But, with upgrades to 64 bit computer hardware, I've had to set up a second shared printer (LP4_INVOICES) on a 32 bit PC. 64bit PC's print to L14 and 32bit PC's to LP4. Seems to have kept things working until Win10.

Recent Win10 initial set ups seem to automatically set up shared printers across the network. For Windows, that can be a time saver. For Comet, a big headache.

Recently, I had to fix a Win10 PC that worked Windowswise but gave E30's from Comet. The Test Page showed the Printer Name as "\\server01\coastal.local\L14_INVOICES" and the Port Name as 192.16816.246. Both are wrong for Comet. Because of the typo in the IP, this printer may have been added manually when the outside IT guys delivered it.

Anyway, it took several tries and logging in as an admin, to get the printer info correct Cometwise. In the "Add Printer", I specified the share name. Using the auto or IP options just wouldn't work right.

Now I'm not sure if I need to install all Comet printers that the user might print to, on Win10 PC's.

And what are "wsd printer ports"??? And how should we use or avoid them. See link.

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