Win10 printer differences

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Posted by Grant Foraker on November 28, 2018 at 07:32:30: Uploaded files: 5

Been fighting the past several months to get the four Purchase Order printers to work consistently. Print jobs process thru Comet but don't show up at the printer or anywhere.

Moved the CAW Host from a Win7/32bit PC to the new, virtual Server 2012. Running CAW Host on the server, at other installations, has always given the best CAW performance.

Still the printers were inconsistent about how they worked from user to user. Decided to clean up the whole mess and go with a simplified solution. Created a virtual Win10/64 bit to serve as both the CAW Host and the "print server" for the four PO printers. PSR_IM is the name of the PC. See screen shot A.

Screen shot B shows how they are configured. All as IP printers. AVOID letting Win10 use any auto install or other connections.

L41, L51, in San Diego, and L53 in Washington now work for the CAW Host (Win10), all CAW users regardless of OS, and all full Comet users on Win7. But not for the full Comet users on Win10.

The only way to get L41, L51 and L53 to work on the Win10 PCs was to install those printers on the Win10 PCs. Again, AVOID letting Win10 do anything automatically. Use the "Select shared printer by name" option. In my case "\\PSR_IM\L41_ACCT" etc.

The leaves L52 that doesn't work for anyone, anywhere. During testing, I paused L52 and L53. See screen shot C. When released, the print job for L53 comes out at the printer. L52's just disappears. Same for a Windows Test page.

L52 is shared on the BRE2 server in Washington. For those users all is OK. So, I set up L62 as a variation of L52 using the share name of "PSR_BRE2\Toshiba Trailer". See screen shot D.

IT WORKS!!!!! But Comet printing to L62 is a lot slower working with the remote printer over the WAN. And, I had to install this printer on each Win10 PC too.


Both setups of L52 & L62 appear the same. See screen shot E. Only thing I can think is the the BRE2 is an early Server 2008. Drivers?


Does COSP need some rework for Win10 so that the need to install printers used by Comet on workstations goes away?

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