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Posted by Barbara Brazil on April 14, 2021 at 09:55:56:

In Reply to: Re: CMON32 error posted by Leslie Toeplitz on April 12, 2021 at 13:55:52:

Hi, Les. Generally E61 involving REL suggests the Comet client lost connection with the file server. When Grant posted his report of this it sounded like it was limited to one client. This can happen due to network issues, power issues, or the client going to sleep while idle - anything that disrupts the connection.

In your case you say this just started when you updated Comet and REL. I'd consider a few things. What versions of Comet and REL were you on prior to this. Since this is limited to Windows 10 clients, was there a Windows update recently? Have you made any network changes? Are the Windows 7 clients that don't have the problem connected to the server on the same network? Do they run the same email program that is failing on the Windows 10 clients?

Your Comet log shows an error trying to open ErrorLog on COS which is on the DS1 server. That's another indication that the network connection was lost. It might help to check the CSecSrv.log and CFileSrv.log for the time of the E61. You can also look for info in the Windows Event Viewer on the clients at that time.

One last thought... Are the Windows 10 clients using Microsoft's Silent Cleanup feature? This is a "feature" of Windows that periodically goes thru the user's temp folder and erases files it doesn't think are being used. It has been known to delete some of the Comet executables. The next time you restart Comet, Comet.exe will copy them again but if they are deleted while the user is running Comet it can cause problems. Since this seems to have something to do with EmailPtr I'd be especially interested to see if CosP.exe was still in the temp folder when the error occurs. It's one that Windows likes to delete because it's not in continuous use by Comet. It is started up only when you print. Normally if CosP is deleted the symptom would be E30, not E61 however. If you suspect Silent Cleanup you can google how to disable it in Windows.

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