Comet 536 hang.

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Posted by Robert G Laurin on March 02, 2023 at 07:41:57:

I installed Comet 536 a little while ago. Since then, I noticed that my Comet kinds of freeze after a period of inactivity.

It looks like it lose the connection to the server, programs look like it is running but if I do any I/O or try to run another program it crashes with an Error 61 - Program not found.

Obviously it does not show in the Error Log (Qtility 20)

Here's a sample of what I get in the local Comet.Log

Look at entries at 02/21-14:44

02/21 10:44:15 0 Enter(1) CAM on Y2K
02/21 10:44:40 0 Run(0) CMM on Y2K
02/21 14:44:41 Unexpected error c3 opening ErrorLog file on COS
02/21 14:44:44 Unexpected error c3 opening ErrorLog file on COS
02/21 14:44:50 0 Run(0) CMON32 on REL
11:46:07 02/27/2023 Started Comet.exe
11:46:07 .csk file type not registered - begin registration
11:46:07 Transferring user supplied files from: \\PE-R630\h$\Comet.536\CometUserFiles.dat
11:46:07 Transferring user supplied files from: \\PE-R630\h$\Comet.536\CometUserFiles.dat
11:46:07 Starting COSW with command line: "C:\Users\rlaurin\AppData\Local\Signature Systems\CometProgs\Cosw.exe" "\\PE-R630\h$\Comet.536\comet.exe" /pn=COMET07 /nsp
02/27 11:46:08
02/27 11:46:08 02/27/2023 Started Cosc.exe
02/27 11:46:08 COSC: Logging to file C:\Users\rlaurin\AppData\Local\Signature Systems\LOGS\Comet.log
02/27 11:46:08 COSC Startup - Runtime: Comet-32, Prog: COS32.EXE, WinClass: CometHiddenApp
02/27 11:46:08 Loading Comet runtime: Prog = C:\Users\rlaurin\AppData\Local\Signature Systems\CometProgs\COS32.EXE, Args = "\\PE-R630\h$\Comet.536\comet.exe" /pn=COMET07 /nsp /WD="\\PE-R630\h$\Comet.536"
02/27 11:46:08 Comet runtime has started

Also notice that not every log lines have the date in front.

Tested On Windoze 7 Pro, Comet.536, Metal server Windoze 2012R2

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