Now the problem seems to be a BREAK from SELECT CASE

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Posted by Bob A on June 25, 2015 at 08:25:25: Uploaded files: 2

In Reply to: Re: The Window's memory is still being trashed... posted by Barbara Brazil on June 23, 2015 at 06:44:26:


couldn't come up with a small program to re-produce the fail, so having spent 2 days on-and-off on this, I re-wrote the 100-200 lines necessary to perform selection from the Receiver data File (^

I think I'm almost there, but ran into a snag in the BREAK statement (which I rarely use)

I think the trace should BREAK at line 310 and then go to the statement after the ENDSELECT... and since SELRDF.OPTION.VALID$ EQ N.ANS$, should not RETURN on line 316 and should LOOP back to the top, asking the operator again for a selection.

as you can see from the TRACE... it BREAKs right out of the LOOP to the next statement after the loop (319) not the statement after the ENDSELECT (316)

I know it's a little priggish of me, but there are no GOTO's in this code... if I have to, I'll put goto's in place of the BREAKs, should that be required because BREAK is not BREAKing as I believe it should.... but I'd rather not

Finally, I have an inkling that the original screen I had sent you is the result of some kind of DELETE WINDOW gone rogue... but can't be sure.

Thanx Again!

Bob "A"

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