need help setting up CA on TEST system

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Posted by Bob A on September 30, 2013 at 11:02:21:

The current setup:
an unfortunate name but...) on the PROD server with
Session = T41,P41,7 ,F0,80,FF,F0,B0; Comet 2006 Host for CA
Session = T42,P42,5 ,F0,80,FF,F0,40;
Session = T43,P43,5 ,F0,80,FF,F0,20;
Session = T44,P44,5 ,F0,80,FF,F0,30;
Session = T45,P45,3 ,F0,0E,44,EE,0E; Comet Anywhere
Session = T46,P46,3 ,F0,0E,44,EE,0E;
Session = T69,P69,3 ,F0,0E,44,EE,0E;

there is a separate computer ("Gateway") which is used to control remote/CA access
the Gateway machine is powered up around 07h45 and the single icon is clicked to connect to P41 (above)

the remote warehouses each have a shortcut that points to the router, so they click on it to establish connnection to the "Gateway" and then to the actual server where the programs run on

remote warehouses have (for about 10..15? years) only 10 programs on a simple menu... all Comet/16... no problems

Gateway machine is powered down at around 17h15 each night before the nightly backup is begun
the problem encountered:
for the first time, had to recompile one of the 10 items on the WS menu to Comet/32

There was no problem when I tested on the TEST system
here in Brooklyn there was no problem when running the new COMET/32 program after it was copied over to PROD system
every other warehouse encountered problems with having to hit extra keys, and other weird problems with how the programs worked with the new Comet/32 object

initial analysis:
when I tested on my TEST system, I was directly connected to the TEST system thru the local network
when Brooklyn warehouse used the warehouse menu against PROD, they were also connected thru the local network
since everybody else only had problems with the new COMET/32 program, and they were the only ones going thru the actual internet, that must be the source of the problem

where I'm bogged down in getting to the bottom of the problem:
my mandate is "no testing on the PROD system... that's what the TEST system is for"

I tried to setup CA on the TEST system
however, the only IP address I know how to find... so I can specify it in the shortcut (to force going thru the Internet) is the IP address of the router
Hosever... the PROD and TEST systems go thru the same router (when I interrogate on either system, I get the same IP address
So.... I'm stuck.... because it seems like it always finds the PROD framework
I can specify the local IP address (192.168.xx.xx) but that doesn't go thru the internet and invalidates any testing

Is there any easy way to force going thru the internet to my router, but then get to the right sub-IP-address for my TEST system, not my PROD system

thanx to 1 and all!

Bob "A"

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