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Posted by Tom Fulton on January 07, 2014 at 13:00:24:

In Reply to: Re: Comet communications timeout...> posted by Barbara Brazil on January 07, 2014 at 10:06:24:

Background: User last updated Comet around 2004 and was running the NLM on a Novell server. They attempted to migrate to SAP over the next 8 years and failed to do so. They continued to run Comet on NLM for all those years. The finally ditched the effort to migrate to SAP, bought a Windows server, self-installed and put it on the network. They've purchased current Comet licenses and migrated the data from the Novell server to the Windows server. The office manager tested the windows server for a month, no errors. They went live December 9th. As soon as they went live with their 40 users they started getting Error 61 & 61 trying to run QEnditor. The errors tend to happen to groups of 3 - 6 users, all getting the error at the same time. The errors tend to happen every day at 10:45 and around 3:45. Much less frequently users will get the errors at other times. They are running Comet Services 13 and Comet2013 .475
This is not a Comet timeout so, no, there's no Comet setting to control it. It seems to be a TCP/IP timeout.
Your Questions:
1) Does this happen on all nodes? >> A qualified Yes. It happens more frequently on some nodes.
2) How often does it happen? >> All day, though certain times it's more common, see above.
3) Does it happen only after the client has been sitting idle for a while? >> No. Most errors occur in the customer service group and they are the most active users, running lookup programs to answer customer questions.
4) Could it be an issue of the DHCP lease expiration on the client? >> No. All user PCs have static IPs.
5) Have you checked the Windows Event Viewer for any errors at the time of these disconnects? >> Yes. I can find nothing in the Event Viewer to correlate with the times that the errors occur.
6) This is Comet16, correct? >> Yes, all user PCs are running Comet16. I can run Comet32 on the server, though they still have image files so I am restricted in the programs I can run.
7) The Comet File Server is not crashing, correct? >> Correct, CometServices continue to run. End users can close Comet and start it back up again.
8) As a test you might try running a job in background that periodically opens and closes a file on the server. This might force the connection to stay open if it's an issue caused by idle time. >> I could, but it's not an idle time issue.

I also can connect to the CometAnywhere Host machine with PCAnywhere. In connecting to that machine and troubleshooting I've encountered a couple of hesitations. By that I mean that I'll be doing a Q option 11 dircat and entering the parameters. I'd ENTER at a parameter and the comet session would freeze for a solid 4 or 5 seconds before once again responding. I suspect this is the same issue going on elsewhere, it just lasts enough longer that the connection is actually dropped. So, a problem-free Novell server was migrated from onto a Windows server on the same network. The Novell server has been turned off and Novell clients removed from the end-user PCs. They're now live for a month and getting errors that interrupt their workflow. The server tells us nothing about why the TCP/IP is disconnecting. They're frustrated and I'm frustrated. I'm basically down to building a replacement server to put in, copy their files and bring them up live on the replacement to see if the problem goes away.

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