Scrubbing Data for E46 non-numerics

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Posted by Bob A on January 17, 2014 at 09:17:01:

Had one of those "you know... when I was entering the data I had power problems, and got funny dots on the screen" conversations

anyway, after 7 instances of x"00FF" were found in the data file by dumping to a .txt file with COMETEX and then looking for hex values in UltraEdit... I was thinking of ways to find bad data by other means.

one thought was to read in the data portion of the file with InputFile, loop thru with the "mother of all" FOR/NEXT loops and look for bad data.

This, however will only give me an offset from the beginning of the file....

so my questions are:

is it possible to divide the offset by the record length to get the offset in records? I figure I could then determine the start of the record and then extract the keys

is there any sentinel/delimiter info in the COMET data file that I have to worry about?

how do I specify the type of the COMET Data File to an MTB program so that I can look at the raw data?

For now... I'll just write a program to loop thru and trap the E46 to dump the keys and sort this out if the problem occurs again


Bob "A"

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