Re: Some questions about E9A errors

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Posted by Bob A on April 23, 2014 at 07:49:36:

In Reply to: Re: Some questions about E9A errors posted by Barbara Brazil on April 21, 2014 at 15:26:33:


In this case, the program chugged thru 16+ Million records before dying.... but only my Comet IB/32 program.... I knew approximately which key... so I dumped using File List in CometEx.... it didn't choke at all on the second record below with 77879 in the record (but having 77880 in the key)

My problem is this... this whole process is part of a much bigger process of changing every file with 3 major identifiers in them (making the identifiers about 2x as wide)... but this will only work if all files and all programs are changed together. I can't afford to run for hours and them die an ungainly death 16 Million records in on the big weekend.

All I want to say is... THIS IS HISTORY... I DON'T CARE! I can't communicate this but obviously File List can, and continues to success. (Truth to tell... in the spirit of full disclosure... this record is from 2009-01-31... I'm going to eventually purge everything before 2008-01-01... so this particular record is a "keeper"... but I'm pretty sure there are others that are not.. anyway, most are these $2.00 payments)

the only backstop for this is to run Key rebuilds for my large files over the weekends leading up to the "Big Bang" (using the old "small" identifiers) to clean up any bad keys before the weekend when everything has to work, and work when nobody's looking.

I guess my first task is to find every program that writes to an extended key file and take out the KEY=.... so that we don't have the possibility of files getting stepped on after the key rebuilds.


Bob "A"

Key: DAVE64DISH 090131R 77878
Record: DAVE64DISH 090131R 77878R0071434736 2009-01-31 2.00 01.25590939668857120060220

Key: DAVE64DISH 090131R 77879
Record: DAVE64DISH 090131R 77879R0071435266 2009-01-31 2.00 01825590939638739820051207

Key: DAVE64DISH 090131R 77880
Record: DAVE64DISH 090131R 77879R0071435266 2009-01-31 2.00 01825590939638739820051207 <<<======

Key: DAVE64DISH 090131R 77881
Record: DAVE64DISH 090131R 77881R0071435287 2009-01-31 2.00 01825590939674480420060315

Key: DAVE64DISH 090131R 77882
Record: DAVE64DISH 090131R 77882R0071435313 2009-p1-31 2.00 01825511039016332920051123

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