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Posted by Robert G Laurin on May 09, 2014 at 09:44:59:

In Reply to: Fon size for Raw data posted by Yves Ste-Marie on May 09, 2014 at 08:28:23:

There are many ways....

The two methods I use are:

Change the default font in the printer thru the control panel. I use LetterGothic 17 cpi which makes a compressed report very easy to read. The setting does not bother Windoze printing because all/most windows printing program will select their own font size. If the " default" is not properly reset after other printing, you can reset to the default printing settings by issuing an (LS);'@1BE' which is an Escape-E universal reset.

The other method I use more often with HP PCL Printers is to send a full reset at the begining of each job (only once per job). Looks like this:

OPEN (1) 'LPR' ! Laser Printer in :RAW Mode
PRINT (1) '@1B@%-12345X';_
PRINT (1) (LS);'@1B@E@1B@&l0l7C';_ ! RESET - DISABLE PERF SKIP - 7/48"
'@1B@&a4L';_ ! Margin at 4th column
'@1B@)8U';'@1B@)s0p10h3b0s4102T';_! LetterGothic 10cpi - Secondary
'@1B@(8U';'@1B@(s0p17h3b0s4102T' ! LetterGothic 17cpi - Primary

[Esc]&l0l7C - &l0L - Disable auto skip Perfs, &l7C set Line height at 7/48" (about 6.85 lpi)
[Esc](8U - Select ROMAN-8 Symbol Set (Primary)
[Esc](s0p17h3b0s4102T - (s0P Fixed Spacing, (s17H at 17 CPI, (s0S Upright (no italic), (s4102T Typeface LetterGothic (Primary)
If you use " &)s" .. instead of " &(s", it uses the Secondary Font. It is use with Shift-in and Shift-Out ("@0E@" vs "@0F@") it is/was used in the Q-Days to do expanded print. I found it is easier to line up by printing in two passes by using (LS) LineSuppress to overprint.

You need to use the (FF) between pages to keep your settings. the [Esc]E would reset your settings - it should be issued on the last page.

I would recommend using a DES program for the Initialization and reset at end-of-job.

- Some HP JetDirect cards by default will cut jobs & reset if there is nothing printed for a long time (15 seconds?).
- Some InkJet or other PCL compatible printers do not recognise all the PCL command.
- This is proven to work with All PCL-5 compatible HP printers.

THIRD Option,

You may want to look at the (SelectFont) mnemonic. I never used it so I am not sure if it works for :RAW or Windows printers.

FYI: 10 years ago 95% of my printing was using PCL, now it is less than 2%. With just a few lines of code and with a library I can now turn a PCL report to Windows in a short time (as little as 15 minutes to a few hours if very extensive PCL code and graphics were used).

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