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Posted by Grant Foraker on June 10, 2014 at 07:34:29: Uploaded files: 5

In Reply to: Yes/No. Radio Buttons posted by Jeff Cinelli on June 09, 2014 at 19:56:39:

I use three controls to do Y/N prompts for the user. Radio, Check, and Combo. Could use Edit but that's so "Green Screen" :) I'm tending to use Combo's more even for simple Y/N. See VM.JPG where the 1099 option is Y/N. Esthetics, readability ??

Radio buttons seem simple but are complicated because the buttons have to be in sequential order in VS and in the Comet INC it creates. And there's the "Group" thingie.

JAJV.JPG is an example of a two set Radio program. I'm using VS2008. The "Group" option is set to True on the first button of each radio group. Monkey See, Monkey Do :) See JAJV-VS.JPG.

The logic in the program is pretty simple. See JAJV.TXT.
I use one DLL for all my customers. Started with separate DLL's but it became a maintenance headache.

If I was starting fresh, I'd create a "Standard" template dialog (IDD) and fill it with generic named controls (IDC). EDIT.01-30, RADIO.01-10, COMBO.01-20, etc. This keeps the DLL small and prevents IDC conflicts. VS assigns number ID's, see your INC file, and conflicts can occur when you cut and paste from other programs. See IDC.TXT.

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