IMHO... CometExpress needs a "sanity check" for the length of new file names

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Posted by Bob A on July 31, 2014 at 06:00:54:

was re-building the Receiver History file (RCVHIST) in preparation for expanding the size of the Receiver ID.

fat fingered the name of the Build Key file as RCVHISTBK... the consequence:

data file: RCVHISTB.K
index file: RCVHISTB.I00

however, I believe there was previously a file called RCVHISTB

at which point the file got locked up... Comet kept saying it was in use... so I restarted the COMET service... no joy there..... then I re-booted the WS 2003 server... no joy there....

what finally worked was the following work around:

stop COMET service
rename the Data file to RCVHISTQ and the Index File to RCVHISTQ.I00
restart COMET service

all the locks were removed and I could use COMET and its utilities to try to figure out where I stood.... I couldn't find out about what happened to the original RCVHISTB... so I decided to just "soldier on"...

what would have "saved the day" would be a "sanity check" on the length of the new name... like maybe a popup with:

RCVHISTBK is too long for a Keyed File Name

then I would have truncated the name to either RCVHISTB or RCVHISBK and would have proceeded according to whether COMET told me that the name I chose already existed, or it was a new name.

It looks like the new file is OK, but I've got to run a record count on both the input and output files (very tedious with about 50 MILLION records) since the audit trail for the file build didn't print to the SPOOL with the record count.


Bob "A"

P.S. is there any way to interrogate the file size via FSTAT or some new version of that... since this was a new file, there were no deleted records and I figured I could take the file size, divide by the record size, and get the number of records...doing this twice, I could figure if everything came over... as it is, I've gotta run the record count using FILENT since FSTAT returns negative numbers for the field showing file size.

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