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Posted by Grant Foraker on September 18, 2015 at 13:15:25:

In WDL programs, I'm careful to closeout any GOSUB routines if the user clicks the CANCEL button. Otherwise the program keeps going until the normal RETURN is triggered.

Recently, I've encountered a problem where the user may be using the DownArrow button to scroll thru a ComboBox. A change in the Combo triggers an EventHandler routine of six consecutive GOSUBs. Holding the button down generates LOTS of EventHandler activity.

Regular Comet seems to handle this OK. Although you have to wait for all the GOSUB to complete. CometAnywhere will occasionally get an E32 when COMBO.01 is out of sync with COMBO.02.

When the user hits the DownArrow the first time, Group A of GOSUBs is begun. And, when the DownArrow is pressed the second time Group B begins. I'd like Group B to stop Group A. But Group C thru ZZZ may have already been activated. If the groups are all running together then Group B might stop Group AA instead of Group A.

Am I understanding the GOSUB stack correctly?

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