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Posted by Grant E Foraker on July 09, 2019 at 11:47:40: Uploaded files: 4

Was hoping to get some help with these Win 10 issues.

1) See Printers and E30. Been phasing out Comet printers and using PDF popup printing instead. It allows the users to print to their big, fast MFC printers without my having to manage those printers in Comet. But, with Win 10, I've been getting an annoying series of E30's with the PDF printer (pdfFactory), whether popup or direct to DocMgr. And an occasional E30 with LP3. LP3 is hosted by a PC in a secure area and is only used for check printing. Only that PC can print to LP3.

Closing and restarting Comet resets the printer. So, is this Win 10 or Comet?

2. See Lost-Font-1 and 2. This also happens on Win 7. SelectSysFont=nn fails and a 10 CPI substitute font is used. The fonts are defined in COSWGLOB.INI. Closing and restarting Comet resets the fonts. Not sure how often this happens.

3. Every developer PC or customer server upgrade for the last 20 years has made Comet run faster. But not the latest upgrade. Old laptop with SSD vs new laptop SDD vs Ramdrive on new laptop. All run at the same speed using several Comet tests. Mass compile using UE, count records in a file, etc.

What's up with this?

4. Good news!!! Not one CometEx crash since moving to new laptop.

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