Re: Can CometEx direct output to either terminal or a SPL output?

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Posted by Bob A on July 29, 2013 at 06:14:28:

In Reply to: Re: Can CometEx direct output to either terminal or a SPL output? posted by Barbara Brazil on July 26, 2013 at 10:39:24:


not exactly sure what happened over the weekend vis-a-vis $(CATEMP) but still have a question when $(CATEMP) is cleared

I had left 3 sessions open on Friday night, and I know I did some printing on Friday, but didn't specifically check the contents of $(CATEMP) on Friday night. On Saturday, before I started three rebuilds of my 3 biggest files (from 1 to 44 million records) I checked $(CATEMP)... $(CATEMP) was empty, whereas I hadn't (knowingly) re-started COMET.

In my general direction of "getting into the 21st Century", I used the key rebuild within CometEx. this chugged along merrily (I assume) in my absence. However, I nearly lost the only output after many (8?) hours of running because CometEx seems to do the equvalent of :

MSGBOX RecordCount

and there is nothing in $(CATEMP) for BuildKeys under CometEx

I know there are lot's of things on your plate (not all instigated by me :) but was wondering what it would take to do the following to the KeyBuild

1) dump start time into a listing (e.g. Num2Date Option 4: Day, DD Mon YYYY HH:MM:SS GMT 29 bytes)
2) dump the record count into a listing (I believe Grant requested this be edited)
3) dump the end time into a listing

The VerifyFile prints a report but I believe it would be additionally helpful to enable the third option obove (printing the End Time at the end of the printout in $(CATEMP))

I had requested that the Spool option be implemented... as long as I can get some printed output that I can save for audit purposes at the end of a long run (of 8 hours or more)... that's quite fine also.

My reason for needing Start/Stop times is that I've got to budget time for re-builds/Verifies/Conversions over a 2 day weekend (if possible)


Bob "A"

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