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Posted by Robert G Laurin on April 04, 2024 at 11:56:08:

I have a ongoing problem with Comet clients loosing their connection to the server.

Here's what I found out so far:

- Client's computer running Comet suddenly loose connection with the server and start generating random errors. Most common is Program Not Found, 11-File Not Found, 32-Record not found, 2-End-of-File... Basically anything that talks to the server.
- Client's Comet Logs are mute as far as anything that append (it really does not know.
- Server Side logs are not obvious...

I found 2 different disconnects, not sure which is which....

04/03/24 14:32:08 (2928): ReadCompleted - 0 bytes - client connection dropped
04/03/24 14:32:08 (2928): (28003605):: CSocketServer::OnConnectionClientClose
04/03/24 14:32:08 (2776): (28003605):: CThreadPoolWorkerThread::OnConnectionClosing
04/03/24 14:32:08 (2776): (28003605):: Logout User: Comet (COMET07:COMET07:rlaurin) (3634)
04/03/24 14:32:08 (2776): (28003605):: 53 users connected

04/03/24 09:53:43 (2924): (28003605):: CSocketServer::OnConnectionReset: The specified network name is no longer available.
04/03/24 09:53:43 (2760): (28003605):: CThreadPoolWorkerThread::OnConnectionClosing
04/03/24 09:53:43 (2760): (28003605):: Logout User: Comet (COMET07:COMET07:rlaurin) (3576)
04/03/24 09:53:43 (2760): (28003605):: 55 users connected

Here is what I suspect...

The keep-alive packets are not working properly: here are some probability

- Some Keep-Alive may be dropped or ignored
- Keep alive count is not reset every time a good packet is exchange
- When Comet station is extremely busy with excessive Read & Write, keep-alive are affected. The drop dead happens a lot while we are running a master processing that will generate tens of million of I/O using 20+ files. This happens very often on multiple stations. it runs for a couple of hours - usually overnight.

When it "crashes" Comet cannot be closed, each Comet process needs to be manually killed in the Task Manager. Reboot also works. Annoyance is automatic.

This started happening seriously early last year, first on my station where I test new releases and then to other stations when I finally got a release that seemed more stable but not perfect.

This is the same for both Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro. Comet 32 Release 515 and 538

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